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Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Gourmet Dark Chocolates are those, which are of very superior quality, perfectly manufactured and presented with a great touch of art. There are hardly any people in the world who do not like chocolate. But a true chocolate connoisseur looks for the taste, flavor, look, as well as the freshness of it.


These are liked by everyone for its variety of richness, mellowing taste, and unique flavor. These chocolates are meticulously prepared with the best quality of roasted coco beans. Their culinary status is further multiplied by addition of high amount of cocoa and various desiccated fruits or dry fruits like cherry, apricot, nuts, dates, spices, etc. Taste of natural, pure, healthy, and dark bold gourmet chocolates without preservative are all-time favorite.

Fresh dark chocolates of all the renowned companies are personally selected by their 'chocolatiers' and beautifully assorted and packed attractively in boxes. They contain good quality milk, sugar, cream, and butter. It contains high calorie (about 1000 ca/kg) and a rich source of fat, protein, mineral, and Carbohydrate and can provide high energy.

Mayans, Toltec, and Aztecs cultivated Coco tree (Theobroma cacao) more than 3000 years ago. They prepared a decoction out of the beans and generally used it during their celebrations. Even coco beans were used as currencies also.

Coco beans were brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus after 1502. In 1519, Spanish Conquistadores arrived in Mexico and got the chance to taste the Chocolate beverage prepared by the Aztecs. They used to keep the pods of coco beans in the sun to dry and the beans used to get fermented. Broken seeds used to be roasted on a slow fire and ground to a paste, which were dried into small cakes. Amazingly they knew the use of flavours like vanilla and other spices along with herbs and corns. Later these cakes were used to be broken up and mixed with hot water and then beaten into a foamy substance called Xocoatl (which means "Bitter water"). It reached Italy in 1606. Present day gourmets explore ancient recipes to bring uniqueness in their dark chocolate formulations.

With time and trials, the variety and process of preparation has produced the best of their kind. There are enough types of chocolates to satisfy each and every palate. The fine and crunchy dark chocolate with smooth creamy feeling, orange flavoured chocolate with orange juice and zest in a dark yummy shell of chocolate, Dark custard pie wrapped in dark chocolate - a famous Swiss product, ice cream and creamy vanilla mint with small chocolate chips filling, heart shaped ready-to-melt dark chocolates to accompany the first date, the raspberry chocolate having a touch of Yin and Yang concept ...and thousands more can be enrolled in the category of the Gourmet Dark Chocolate.



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