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Handmade Gourmet Chocolates

From the age of Mayans, Aztecs, and Toltec, Chocolate is being used as a beverage, which they used to prepare from the beans of Coco tree (Theobroma cacao). The sun-dried, fermented, pounded and finally cooled blocks of chocolate were served during ceremonies. But the modern world had something excess in their mind!!


The rich taste and flavor of handmade gourmet chocolates have helped them to win the crowning glory and to achieve a super state of culinary expertise of confection. Meticulously decorated, hand made chocolates in assorted boxed are all time favorite and satisfactory as gifts in any kind of celebration or special occasions; be it Christmas or Thanksgiving; Easter or Halloween, Hanukkah or New-Year gifts, Valentine gifts, Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, Baby shower gifts, wedding gifts ... or in one word to treat everybody anytime!!

It is also known as an aphrodisiac for a long time. But whatever cause it may be, no one ever wants to miss any chance of having a 'ready to melt inside the mouth' chocolate which can instantly bring a divine facial-expression and dreamy look. Even a new category of people with irresistible passion for chocolate has been re-christened as "chocoholics"!!

The basic ingredients for chocolate preparation are coco powder, sugar, milk, and butter. But human beings do not know to stand still at one place and has introduced uncountable kinds of gourmet chocolates to pamper their taste buds. These includes nutty, fruity, vanilla, wine, rum, or any other flavored chocolates, with peanut butter, cheesy, honey-based, pretzel, blended with rice crisp, toffee, or caramel, and many more incredibly unique creations !!

Keeping the question of health in mind, now a days, heart, blood-pressure and diabetes friendly natural or organic, low calorie, ready to grab chocolates are also available on the counters. In fact, handmade gourmet chocolates that are suited for the special needs are adored by the people who are challenged with their physical limitations.

Delicious handmade gourmet chocolate includes superior quality of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and gourmet chocolate truffles which are nothing but a work of art in its edible form that stimulates all the senses of a person. Chocolates made without preservatives and artificial materials are always sought after. High quality milk, butter, sugar, coco, etc. do increase the confidence also.

Who will not love a beautifully decorated dark, milk, or white chocolate shell, filled with 'ganache', or a chocolate coated strawberry, raspberry ,orange, or any other fruit? Believe me or not, in some countries chocolate coated insects (Cricket, locust, dried caterpillars etc) are also sold like hot cakes !!!

Never feel shy or have feeling of guilt to enjoy a divine experience of having a hand made gourmet chocolate which can transport you to a surreal state.

They say, "Seeing... ERRR.. Tasting is believing..." !!!


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